Not new but again in town!… The bye bye-business!

In Dutch there is a saying: “Mooie liedjes duren niet lang”… Beautiful songs don’t last long enough… Grandpa told me so, and he explained it too: things that are nice don’t last for ever… Well he was right! Holidays don’t last for ever! 😉

Holidays are over. Mum went back to her library for a full and long day. So I got my old business out of the cupboard: the bye bye-business! Whenever mum goes out, I go to the window to say goodbye to her! And then mum looks up and waves with her hand! And sometimes she makes a picture, when she has the red thing ready. 🙂

That’s what you see on all the pics… me at the window! There also pics and video of the other side!!! 😉 And I can tell you: the bye bye-business is a good one but a little bit sad one too! 😦 Best thing is the hello again-business. When window is open and mum arrives, she does: ppsssssttt, ppsssstttt… I hear that and go to the window. No, silly, not to say bye bye, then we say: hello! 🙂 ❤


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