Taking a shower in the street… welcome autumn!

Sun was shining bright, oh yes! Off we went for our big walk. But mum took her roof on a stick with her. I did not pay ttention, why should I? Sun was shining!

In the middle of our walk, very dark clouds appeared! And then? These very big clouds just fell down on us! My dogness! 😦
Mum opened her roof on the stick, but I had no roof on a stick… And no coat… 😦

Anyway we hurried home while we were having our shower in the streets. And the water was not luke warm as I like it so much! We hurried and hurried but I was soaking wet when we came home… 😦

Could not go straight to my little house or my bed, oh no! I had to be dried by the big piece of cloth! That’s quite fun too! 😉
Mum, and your roof on the stick, will you dry it too with the big piece of cloth? 😉





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