Yes… in the ice-business!

This is the first time I was allowed to assist at mum’s ice business! ohoh! It was fun! What is mum’s ice business? Well, in the kitchen there is that very big icebox-cupboard where mum keeps all the frozen food. But sometimes, it has to be cleaned! Then we go in the ice business!

As always I inspected everything… need to, first time, remember? 😉 And I could, at least in the beginning! 😉 In the end, when everything was clean, mum said: Fiche le camp! That means: go elsewhere!

But I got two pieces of ice! Yummie! 😉 ❤ See pics and video! 


  1. Snaaks hoe lief hul vir ys is. Ek neem sommer my haar droeer en die hitte smelt die ys baie vining. Soms maak ek ys blokkies vir Wally en Murphy met plain youghert.

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