Busy days… fototoot competition…

We are fototooting a lot these days… and sometimes mum prefers to have me not in the picture! Can you imagine that? 😉 In the end I am in all pictures anyway… 😉 How on earth could she not make pictures of this airelady?

First we went to the huge dogpark to see my bunny friends… Mum says summer is almost over… Oak trees have their fruits, although there was one very funny one! Hahahaha! 

Afterwards we started the fototoot with the new shoes for the kitchenchairs and the fish and the owl… Quite a job, mum was sighing all the time and complaining about “light”. Mum, really, you can’t say these fish are heavy? 😉 Oooh, you mean the light coming from outside? Okay, I see! Ssssttt, to be honest, I don’t see what she means: it’s day all right! 🙂


  1. Interesting. Het ma gehekelde lappies om stoele en tafels se pote? En so baie sleutelhouers en jy speel met nie een nie? Jy is te soet, Wally en Murphy sou lankal alles gesteel of geeet het!

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