Seaside… the nice life!

We went to the seaside again! Three mornings we got up at 7 o’clock and we walked straight to the beach! Well, sometimes my mum has splendid ideas. Mind the word: “sometimes” though!
So early at the beach is great! We have the beach, and I mean all the beach, all for ourselves! I can run and play. Business days, guys, business days!!! Running business, water business and even fishing business!  ❤

I smelled the fish and was searching for it quite a time… and I found it! But mum did put me on the leash when I found it… I could not run away with it. Would not have done that: it was not fresh enough! So I peed on it. To make sure every doggie knows it is not fresh enough. Got off the leash again! 🙂

Found mussels too! Mum forbid me to eat of them. She was right: too hard!

At 8.30 we went back home: too many people come on the beach! Even 4 or 5! So, on the leash… it still is high season… 😦 Anyway: we have had our fun! 😉

In the afternoon, we do other walks. Dad came too and we went for a cup of very good coffee! Mum said I was an example-doggie. She means I was a very good girl, a real lady. Lots of people looked at me… That’s life… Can’t go out incognito anymore… I’m recognised everywhere as a beautifull airedale-lady! 🙂

PS Even a fish at home!!!! See pics!



  1. Kita, what a lovely day at the seaside. You really are an example for all Airedales. Only tell mom that you do not have a fish at home, she does! If you had one it wouldn’t be there anymore.

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