Silly? Who?… No, not me! ;-)

Mum likes this silly game she calls fetching. When there are no other doggies in the little dogpark, I want to play with her. Keeping me busy because I am a busy lady: that’s in my genes and my nature! 😉

Mum has in her bag this toy (see pics). I think she needs her arm to be trained and she is throwing the thing. But if she has to train her arm, she has to throw several times… The toy has to be fetched… Mum does not like the fetching… There’s where I come in the picture… I have to fetch the thing and bring it to her, so that she can go on exercising… and throwing… 🙂
And there we go again. She does not like the fetching, neither do I! 😦 But because I am a lady, I help her out a few times, but only a few times…

Mum says I’m a silly girl! Why? Half of the time I’m too much in a hurry to get the thing and to get it all done with, that I don’t concentrate where she throws the stupid thing. Then I can’t find it… and she has to fetch it herself! She says I do it on purpose! 😉

Anyway, we always have fun… hahahaha! This morning, mum brought the red thing. Result? A rollercoaster-movie… hahahaha… Of course: throwing and filming and getting the thing and giving treats and filming at the same time… hahahaha… That’s not a brilliant idea…. hahahaha. 😉


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