Spectacle?… Not with this lady! ;-)

One of these mornings, after our walk, mum said we were going to have a spectacle. That means she is going to wash grandpa Lennox, who was not very happy with being bathed… Mum, do you say you will go all the way to the Bridge to bath grandpa? No, but we will have the spectacle anyway? 😉

Oh, I see! It’s me who will get washed! No, mum, no spectacle at all! I like it! I like the lukewarm water all over my body! Even on my head! Then I close my eyes! Oh yes, I like it! So very little shampoo, mum, why? Not good for the skin and the fur of this lady?
So no show at all! Mum even had time to fototoot! 🙂 I wished she did this more often, my mum, the lukewarm water bath. What? Not good for my skin and my curls? My dogness, this lady’s skin and fur are fragile, I think. Okay, I’ll enjoy it anyway! And I’ll practice some more water-business later! 😉

And then, I have to dry! Off I go, in my little house with… yes, a very big treat, being such a lady without water-horror-show! You see that, grandpa Lennox? I get a dried pig-ear, one of your many favorites! 😉

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