Big surprise!… From Australia!

Dear Maurice, Dear Dusty and Dear Poppy Popstar,

Today we received a big surprise! A very big surprise in our mailbox! And you know what it was! 😉 Mum showed me immediately! 🙂

So, in the package, there was your card, of course and two beautiful bandanas! Oh my dogness, such beautiful bandanas. I tried them sito presto, of course! And I ordered my mum to make a fototoot! She has holidays, so she can work a bit, don’t you think so? 😉
I put the pictures with this letter! We made about 100 of them and I had to choose. That was very, very difficult… Maybe there are a little bit too many… but I don’t mind. I put on all my different looks, especially for you, Chef Mauricee! ❤ You can see that in the comments! 🙂

Well, guys, I want to thank you three very, very much for these nice bandanas. This is fashion with a big F for this aire-lady! I’m very proud about them! Thank you very, very much! And your mums too of course! 🙂 ❤

Mountains of very big hugs for the three of you but surely for Chef Mauricee! ❤


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