Me and mum?… In the macro-business!

Holidays, she calls it! My mum’s holidays are hard working-days for me! I can tell you that! But as mum always says: work is fun too! I like our new business! I really do!
These days we are in the macro-business, me and mum and the red blinking thing.

Now we have finally time to get this figured out, you know! We started with the beach mistery! Mum took such a mistery home! And then we macro-fototooted it. I had to keep an eye on it, you see, I was on guard-duty and of assistence-duty. Maybe someone will see now what it is and tell us… You never know… 🙂

Next we macro-fototooted my hair and curls and paws and nose and…! That was fun, I moved on the wrong moments of course when red thing was correctly ready and I did not move on the wrong moments, hahahaha, when red thing was not ready. I did my very best!! 😉

Finally we tried the flowers. Several times I touched my mum’s arm when she was macro-fototooting! Guard-duty, remember? 🙂 😉

We ended up with a big business: 24 pics of this special toot! Go figure! We aren’t experts yet, far from, mum says. But I think that the macros of me – or parts of me! – are quite successful! 🙂 😉 Hahahaha!

PS Click on the pics, or you do not see the macra-fototooting! That would be a pity, I tell you!!! 🙂

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