About playing cousins and… coiffures!

Mum was very pissed at me, she was, but only for a while! Then she laughed! Why?

In the middle of the beach, I was nicely on the leash, with lots of humans and human pups around, I started barking. Mum yelled silently I had to stop it. I barked again and started pulling on the leash. To get mum in a bad mood that’s the best thing to do… I know that! Pulling and barking, a lady! Go figure! 😦
Aha! Then we heard another bark, just one, but that was enough to get mum’s attention. She said, sibilant, you see what you get? Others follow your bad example! And that I had to stop pulling! And only then she saw it too! Yes, mum, there is Jara! You see it too? Finally?! 🙂

Jara Van ’t Asbroek is my cousin, you know. We know each other because we see each other sometimes at the seaside, by chance! Today we played! The business-world is in the genes of our family! Running-business, water-business, ball-business. Jara is nice, she brings the ball back to her dad. I think that is a rather stupid game. Anyway we had lots of fun!

And mum… listen! When is my hairdresser’s appointment? It is time, did you see the nice coiffure of my cousin? You see what I mean? 😉 Need a haircut, really! After this heat, I’m done with this curls! 😉 You too, mum? Too much sand in them? 🙂 We agree, my mum and me! Yeeeey! ❤  Shouldn’t have said so when I was barking and pulling! 😉

PS Film is in the end! 🙂







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