My dogness… Mum in the wood-business??!!!!

This is incredible! Mum is in the wood-business too! You do not believe me… You’d better believe it! I can prove! This morning when we came from the huge dogpark, mum was collecting sticks! Go figure!

Most bizar thing? I could not chew on them. All the way she was saying: poor things, and so beautiful. Maybe she was a bit right (just a bit!)… In my wood-business, the wood is dead. But these sticks...

Twigs, Kita, twigs!

So these sticks are still alive. They just fell from the trees because of the naughty wind! Yes, mum, I agree, we will help them. We take them home and rescue them. Grandpa would have loved this. ❤ He knew all about rescues, didn’t he? Me too now, I rescued the sticks with the nice red tails! 😉


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