Gotcha Day… number 4!!!

Yes! Today it is the 21st of March! Yes, I know spring is in the air now, officially. But, something else, very important happened 4 years ago on this day!

21st of March 2011 I came to live with my mum and dad and grandpa Lennox! I was seven weeks old (exactly 52 days!) at that moment. Mum was determined to become my best friend and to make a real city-girl of me. Before I was 12 weeks old I had done everything, and more than once: travel by train, tram, metro, bus, going to markets and restaurants and shops and… whatever you do in a city! Mum was a tired mum and I a zippy girl! 😉

Four years later? Me and mum are the best of friends , I am a real city-lady and I can be a rural bandit too! I’m “omni-valent”. 🙂 I can be stubborn, by preference with mum, less with dad. And I have no more grandpa Lennox. He is at The Bridge since the 21sth of october. 😦

We celebrated today, oh yes: we went to the huge dogpark for almost two hours: I was exhausted. 😉 Pics and video will show you why. This evening me and mum and dad made a long walk to the old city and we did stroll around in the little streets… Mum said something about training before the real festivities next weekend! What does she mean? Big surprise next weekend? For me?

To be continued, Kita!

PS I asked mum to add some pics of me as the little zippy girl and grandpa at the end! 🙂




    • Hello you silent wednesday-gang! Great to hear from you! This morning mum was talking about you at the other mum at teh dogpark. She was explaining how I got my very nice collar! I’m still wearing it! 🙂 To the four of you: big hugs! xxxx

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