Oh yes… big disagreement this morning!

Morning walk today!! Goes like this!

Mum, we live in a beautiful town, don’t we?

Yes, Kita, we do!

Look at the right bank! Cathedral, Boerentoren, Oudaan, and at the other side: the MAS. Look how beautiful! All this very high buildings!

Kita, I don’t see anything! Too much fog!

Mum, but look, I can see it all! You should look better! I even can smell the river! I know your nose is not as good as mine, but your eyes are all right! You even have a second pair of eyes on your nose!

Kita, too much fog! Nothing to see!

Mum, don’t act as a stubborn airedale. Just look! Now! Mum, now!

Kita, stop it, I can’t see the cathedral. Too much fog!

Well, clean those second pair of eyes!

Then I did ignore her and went to the flowers… In the end, I think she saw something because she got the blinking thing ready and made some pics! I even went on ignoring, no posing today! What is she saying? She will prove to all my friends she is right and not me? My dogness, what a stubborness! 😉

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