Today?… Exciting!

Very exciting day today!

Mum and dad and me (yes, grandpa!!!) went to see the human pup and her husband. He was busy and I had to bark for his attention before we could cuddle! Then we saw mum’s human pup: she was working too. She works in a very exciting place, my dogness! Yes, yes: she works in  a petshop! And in her shop, pets are allowed! That’s what they are called pet-shops for, she says! 😉

We visited and I inspected everything of course! Found something for cousin Islay too. All these good smells! And then, my dogness, I saw myself on a big bag of food! No, it was not me, but on the new bags of food of a certain brand, there now is … an airedale! Imagine that! We will get more famous now over here! Mum yelled a bit: Yihaaaaa! Pup and me were having fun for the fototoot! 😉

Then I met a new little friend: a bunny. Sweet thing! I also met two other doggies! Petshop, remember? ❤

The part I did not like too much was the trying of an outfit… In a few weeks I’m going to the hairdresser’s and mum remembered in time that we go to my French friend too! I don’t like to run in the rain, she finally knows, my mum. And only one coat is not enough, there is always one in the washing machine. Mum says I’m a dirty lady when I play… 😦

In the end, I saw the funniest thing ever… but we have no pics… 😦

When we got home, I ate my dinner and took a very long nap! Exciting and tiresome! 😉 Got so many pics, I can not choose… maybe I should show them all this time… 😉 If mum agrees of course… she might say it is boring… 😉


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