Yes, Yes!!!… Another one!

What does she say? She got me some new pills? What for? I am definitely not ill, mum! Forget it!

What is this all about? What is she saying? Every six months I eat this pill? This is a deworming treat? Not a pill? She is joking, my mum! 🙂 What on earth is ‘deworming’?
She shows me the little box. Hey, mum, did you see it too? That’s especially made for me, these deworming treats? They put an airedale on the box because I have to eat this? Cool! My dogness, that is really cool! ❤ I have to take this and show it to my friends!

No, Kita, you don’t eat the box, you eat a pill!

Come on, give me one of these cool-package-deworming-treats!
And can I get some of your fruit too? 😉

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