Run free, granduncle Apollo!… Run free!

Dear grand-uncle Apollo

Yes, I know, I should say uncle Pol, that is what the friends and family say… But this is a special occasion, isn’t it?
13 seems not to be your lucky number… I told my friends all about you and your zipper and all the prices you won in september when you got 13 years old. 🙂 They know about you in 102 countries. They all think about you and your journey now!!!

I write you to say goodbye to you. And I have to ask you something too, even two things! First of all: will you please say hello to my grandpa Lennox, there at the Bridge? Think he will like that!

And then: you will watch a bit over your loved ones, will you? Your mum and dad and the rest of your aire-family at ’t Asbroek? Surely the little ones, only a few weeks old? They all must be very sad these days, I know the feeling, you know!

But most of all: grandpa told me that the Bridge is a good place to live for ever, so enjoy it, uncle Pol! Run free!

Big hugs from your little niece Kita

PS Mum sends you the pics of your 13th birthday!

  1. Thank you vrry much and we are sure that uncle Pol will do your greetings to grandpa Lennox
    Grandpa Lennox will be glad : again an airedale to play with They will enjiy each others

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