Believe me… another business started!

Since mum told me my water-business will be set “on hold” during the winter, I had some thinking to do! Every business-lady understands that!

One morning we arrived at the little dogpark and I found a big ball! Few mornings later again! So I started my ball-business! Goes very good and it is very amusing! When mum wants to play too and I bring the big ball to her, so we can play football, I earn a treat! I’m in the duck-treats-earning-time now! Thanks to mum’s human pup and her pet-shop! 😉
Football-game-business is a good earning! 😉 It can replace the water-business in winter!

I showed also to my grandpa who came with us one evening! He was not too impressed! Said he did better in his younger days… Well, I would have liked to see him in his younger days… believe me! Think he is bluffing very often…. Althougd mum always says he was quite a macho-type… Never mind, I like my ball-business!

Of course I asked mum to make a publi-fototoot! 😉 But early in the morning and rather late in the evening, light is not good for fototooting… Never mind… I show them: it’s about my business, you should see it!

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