Oh yes, … I like the free fridays!

I heard it well: she said: today it is friday. That is what she said, my mum! Grandpa, did you hear it too? It’s friday!

Little one, I don’t mind! Remember we went to your huge dogpark again last night and I had a nice little run? So, I need some rest today! Keep yourself busy!

Okay! Mum, what’s on the program for today? What? We go for a swim? NO way! I want to run, yes, but no swimming! My paws can swim, yes, but not the rest! 😉 I did the running and I wet my paws: that was it for the swimming-party! 🙂

And this afternoon? Well, we went to the little dogpark, in the middle of the afternoon! 🙂 There was a little gentleman: Renco. His mum said he’s afraid of every dog, big or small, and so he growls and barks at every dog! Mum asked if we could come in the dogpark. His mum said that we could try.

So this lady did the trick. I was very gentle and I pretended I was afraid of him and that I was shy… 😉 So little Renco felt better and he came nearer! He did not growl, he did not bark, oh no… he wanted to play! His mum was in a little positive shock! She had never seen that before! We played with the ball, I even got the ball! And my mum? She was pleased and proud! I’m her aire-lady, you know!

And now? I’m tired! Really! Need a big nap! I’m going to rest in my crate, no grandpa disturbs me there, although door is always open! 😉


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