More advice for city-aire-girl Islay

Dear Isla 

How do you get along with the wood-art? Any results to show?

I’m still in the wood-business, me, but I do it in a clever lady-like-way nowadays! I’ll give you some more nice advice concerning the wood-business!!

To exercise your teeth, you also can look for a big branch or stick. You can run with it, you can play with it, but most important you can bite on it, and chew on it! That’s good exercise!

But listen very carefuly: you can NEVER eat it! That’s not good. Grandpa says it is dangerous! (And your mum will be angry, you don’t want that to happen, will you???)
Biting on wood: check! Chewing on a stick: check! Swallowing or eating wood: NEVER!

As before I show you in pics and video, so you surely get this lesson straight! 😉 🙂
Have a lot of wood-fun, young city-cousin! 🙂 ❤
Hugs, Kita




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