More misty morning fun!… Thanks to the ‘big means’!

Yep, I promised mum! I really did. I will never complain again about the going-away new tv-typing-machine. I won’t.

How so? You remember that my mum was filming a lot when I was playing with Plume, in the misty morning? And that mum could not get the video’s off the blinking box with her very little tv-machine? She said blinking box forgot them. Impossible, she said.

Today she said she would use the ‘big means’ for it! Grandpa was suddenly very alert! Big means? He does not like that. He thought we would get a bath: when mum says she will use the big means to get us clean, than it is bath-time… hahaha.

No, this time the big means did not mean bath-time but new tv-typing-machine-time. Mum was doing all kind of things and she was grumbling a bit as grandpa does, but then she yelled: YEEEEESSSSSS! Grandpa was wake instantly, he still thought about the bath, he! hahahahaha!
The sometimes-going-away tv-typing-machine did it! We have the video of me and Plume! Great stuff, mum says! And also of me alone, on the beach!

Plume and you, little one!

That’s what I say, grandpa, me and Plume.

Mum, teach her some manners! That dog over there calls herself a lady, please, do something about it! She is never polite!

Mum, that’s not true! I am a lady, am I not?

Stop it, shut up both of you and have a look at this video! 😉 Worse than kids! -Sigh-  😉

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