Impressions of … sun-sundays!

Some sundays deserve their name, others don’t. Last weeks sundays do their very best to be sun-days! Two weeks ago, on a sunny sunday, me and mum wet to the huge dogpark. What happenend? We accidently met my oldest friend: Gitte! I met her for the first time when I was 7 weeks old and she was 13 weeks old! She is a Hovawart and she likes judo, and surely ippons! I’m used to it by now: I’m the one losing every time. 😦 We were walking a bit when we met this little fellow whom I made partner in my digging-business! 😉 See pics!

Last sunday we were at the seaside, I already showed you the sunny pics! 😉
And today, well we went to the huge dogpark, me and grandpa. My grandpa is in good days lately! He walks and walks and walks! He even explores the bushes and did not want to come immediately when we were going home! See video!
We met a mum who had a grandpa like mine, of 19 years old, when he went to the bridge. Now she has a young grandpa! 🙂 We were playing!

At noon, we went to the restaurant. Grandpa stayed home after all his exploring-business. After the meal we made another walk and mum and dad were having an icecream! I had to wait sooooooo long for that very last little part I always get. But I was a good lady! 😉

And now I need more than one nap! 🙂


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