Third business started!… The water-business!

Since my first two businesses are doing fine: the holes-business and the running-business, I decided to start a third one! I think this is a great idea!

On wet days, when it’s raining cats and dogs or when the weather is fine… a dog needs water! No, silly, not only to drink, but to run in or to play in!
Mum says she is very curious about me getting into a water-business! She laughed… Yes, allright, I don’t like getting wet… I never want my belly to get wet. Don’t mind about my paws! But ladies don’t want a wet belly, that’s my opinion!

Never mind my mum! I’m in the water-business and the pics do proof it!

Mum says, this is a season-business! Only in summer! Not in the winter! I have to close the water-business during wintertime??? We’ll see! 😉

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