Applause, please!… For grandpa!

Remember I told you that mum found me two new dogparks? A huge one and a little one? Me and mum, we always walk to the dogpark. Grandpa walks to the little one too! That’s quit an achievement for his old paws and bones, he says himself! He did not know he still could do it! 😉

The huge park is really too far away for him! That’s a pity and he was a little jealous when I told him about this huge park. 😦 So I told mum and asked if dad could find a solution for this problem. Grandpa should see the huge park too!

Big surprise tonight. We were riding in the car! And I saw where we were going. We started in the right direction and rode on and on and… YES! Grandpa, you’ll see it! You’ll see it! Grandpa, don’t sleep now, come on!

I barked when we got out the car to tell grandpa. That was not good: no barking in the street!! But then we entered the huge park. You see it, grandpa???? 🙂 Here it is! 

Jees, little one, for once you did not exaggerate! It is a huge dogpark! 🙂

Of course he did not go all the way to the other side, of course he did not run all the time as I do – but he ran a bit!-, of course he did not dig holes… But who cares? He did a real big walk, he sniffed a lot and he was not jealous anymore. Think we’ll do that again… I heard mum and dad talking! 🙂 Sssstttt… 😉

Blinking box was there too but it was a bit too dark for good pics! I show them anyway!! 🙂


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