Friday morning… Funny morning!

Since mum goes back to her library, a lot of things happened! I have a lot of things to tell, but… There is this BUT…

Mum has a new tv-typing-machine. She is happy with it, it is faster, she says… But I’m not happy about it… Why?
Listen to this! Before there was the tv and a very big box and the typing-thing. And everything stayed in it’s place! But my mum says she has to follow times… How on earth can you follow time? She says times are modern now… Grandpa says Chaplin already knew that. So, now mum has a new tv-typing-machine. A tv? Yes! Big black box? No! Typing thing? Yes! When she stops typing, the tv disappears: she folds it down on the typing thing. And the whole machine does not stay in it’s place!

Horror! I can not use the tv-typing-machine anymore when she goes to her library! It is all gone! You see this kind of horror? All my friends have to wait. 😦

But today it’s friday: mum is at home… get the picture? 🙂 You get today’s news! We went to the huge dogpark this morning and Hodin and Bo were there. Me and Bo, we found a ball and played very long with it. Mum filmed just a little bit. The blinking box is hungry these days and stops working very often!

But we had fun, lots of fun and… lots of treats! 🙂 To see what this lady wanted most: the ball or the treat… Have a look! Dads and my mum were having so much fun, even more than Bo and me! 😉



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