Providing souvenirs for eternity… advice for city-aire-girl Islay: part 2

Dear citygirl-cousin Islay, 

I heard and saw you really learn a lot of my good advice! You know how to travel by metro and you do that fine! Congrats, you become a real citygirl!
Also heard you master the wallpaper-art I thaught you! Great!

Today’s advice is about getting your mum and dad some souvenirs for eternity, things they will not have on a real film or fototoot! I especially asked my mum to fototoot me with the eternal souvenir! You are at the right age now for doing a great job! You’ re teething these days… The old teeth as well as the new ones have to be exercised to become a well-mannered lady later!

So I suggest you choose a door and even better the best doorposts in the  house to exercise your teeth on! But do it in such a way that you create a real piece of art, of course! Be sure to make noices of which your mum and dad think it are the neighbours working in their home! 😉
I show you here a nice example! I’m still very proud about my masterpiece of puppy-hood! 🙂

Wish you success!! Big city-hugs, Kita



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