A witch circle??? … Am I bewitched now?

This morning, mum was in a hurry. So we did not go to the huge dogpark, but to the little one nearby. That’s allright with me, mum promised we would go to the huge one this afternoon.

Two doggies left when we arrived, never mind! 😉 I found something very strange! I found mushrooms! But the mushrooms were grewing in a strange form! I was sniffing and mum came to have a look! She laughed and said that I was in a witch circle. Wich circle? 

No, Kita, a witch circle!

What on earth is a wichy circle? What is she saying, my mum? I’m bewitched now? She’s talking a little bit strange! What? Fototoot? I understand that! Yes, I’ll pose with the wichy mushrooms if you like! And I’m not wichy, really not! 😦

Bewitched, Kita, bewitched! 😉

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