Traveling by metro… advice for city-airegirl Islay: part 1.

Dear city-girl cousin Islay,

Becomig a city-aire-lady is not as easy as you might think! You have to learn and experience a lot more than running and socialising in a dogpark. Yes, that’s important too! So, dear Islay, I think this lady could give you some hints and advice. Today is about traveling by metro. I think you call it the subway! Read this carefully, my dear!

1. You may never take the escalator! That’s forbidden and dangerous. If there is no elevator, you take the stairs!

2. Going down the stairs you stay next to your mum, same step! Never pull on the leash or you and mum will fall and roll of the stairs! That is not the target! Nevertheless: be sure not to miss the interesting smells! Train your mum to patiently wait from time to time!

3. Arriving on the platforms always look around carefully: I remind you of this: you are your mum’s bodyguard! That permits you interesting sniffing at the same time! 😉

4. When entered in the tram, control the place carefully! Your mum’s safety is at stake! Than lay down for the lenght of the drive but be sure to take as much place as you can. Your mum will be gratefull, people won’t be able to bounce her! 😉

5. When getting out, be patient and let others go out first!

6. When going up the stairs you can stay one step ahead of your mum, to make place for her. This won’t lead to rolling down. 🙂

7. Bark or whine when necessary but please don’t overdo it! People will be mad at you! Aire-ladies don’t disturb people!

Well, dear Islay, to be sure you get the picture, we add a video with the instructions. Take the time to see it, although it is a bit long. And don’t get to dizzy or tired…   😉

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