Big news… big new dogpark!

Really, some days I must admit it… Some days I can’t do anything else than agree with my mum! Mum told me she found two new dogparks for me! A big one, a very big one and a little one. Which one do I prefer to explore? The big one, of course!

We had to walk a little longer! Pfff, hope this park is big, otherwise it’s 800 meters (half a mile) for nothing!

There we are! Euh, mum, where is the fence? No fence? Too big for a fence? Is this just like the beach? I can run free? I can run off the leash? Mum, are you sure? ha, that’s why she took the treats I like most! There is no fence, beach-treats! I’ll act like a lady! 😉

Kita, sit!

This is not big! This is huge, this is mega-big, this is enormous! My dogness! Where shall I run first? I even meet a new friend: Hodin. Hodin says we should come earlier, all friends are already gone home again.

Indeed, I have to admit it: she is right, my mum: this is a big park to run! I agree, mum! 😉



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