Today is about… Tom Thumb and the Giant

Yes, there is holidaymum! She often comes to the dogpark with the doggies staying at her place! Tonight she has 4 friends with her! Little Lily (who always escapes, so she is on the leash), Lokum, Sammy and… Soeka!

Well, I like this brown, big Newfoundlander-Soeka-girl! But when she plays, a small aire-lady has to be very careful not to end under her! I’m happy she is not in the judo-business and that she never heard about ippon. I hope she never mets Gitte so she won’t learn about it…

And she does a lot af talking! Mum filmed. I was so tired after some time and I only found one solution to stop her: I jumped on the table! 🙂 She did not follow! And I had some rest. Normally mum yells that I should get off but this time, she saw me and she did not yell. I suppose holidaymum said that I earned a bit of calming down… 😉 Anyway, I got Soeka’s admiration and afterwards, she stayed calm… oufff!!!


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