Newsflash : big spectacle… really big spectacle!

Ohlalala! What is going on? We arrive at the dogpark and everybody is running! Dogs are running: that’s normal, of course! That’s what dogparks are for! But… also the mums and dads are runnng! My dogness… I’m going to have a look!

Sit, Kita! Sit, are you aren’t running anywhere!

Aaai, forgotten… I have to sit before I can get off the leash. Okay, I sit!


What? Really? Farith got a rabbit and is eating it? And the mums want to take it from him? He runs, he eats and when somebody, dog or mum, is approaching, he runs! I agree with him: I should do the same! 🙂 … And we cannot follow him! 😦

In the end, he was caught and he had to leave his rabbit, poor guy! Mum was very awake this morning, she got pics… yes, she did!!!


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