Strange action… and reading the daily newspaper!

Grandpa lennox taught me how to read the daily newspaper. You walk very slowly and you sniff everywhere you walk. Smells will tell you everything. Grandpa sometimes wants to comment (he pees…) … that’s the way guys act, of course. Ladies don’t. But that does not mean that I’m not interested! Of course I want to know everything! So is my friend Gitte. She is a Hovawart-lady, only 6 weeks older than I am. After grandpa, she was the first dog I ever met when I came to live with mum and dad.

We are the best of friends: we play together, we fight judo together (wich frightens often other mums and dads, not ours, they laugh!) and we make walks together! We also read the newspaper together! Mum took pics, we did not know though! 🙂

After the newsletter, there was strange action in the dogpark! There is Chiva, a young labrador-lady… She was drinking! Well, see for yourself: believe me it was kind of strange but it was funny! 😉





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