Me?… I’m going in a new business! ;-)

In my new huge dogpark, there is no crack willow. But I’m not sad at all! On the contrary: I made a decision! Sometimes in life, you have to change your business. That’s what my mum says! She was a teacher for a million of years and now she is a library-mum. Sometimes she is right, you know… but sssstttt.
So I decided yesterday I go in another business with a lot more opportunities, oh YES! 😉

I leave the tree-business and I go in the hole-business! Even more fun! And I think mum agrees… she always was a bit afraid with this tree-business! For that I’m training new skills: the digging skills and the going-under-the-ground-skills! I’ll keep you all updated. 🙂
This morning I already did some negociations with new friends. Mum took few pics but then the blinking box was naughty: it wanted breakfast badly! 😦 Anyway, in one of the pics, I imitate Hunting Henry… Can you find me? (last picture)


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