No ‘foto-toot’!!!… but a real ‘car-toot’ about me!

Few days ago, something was bit strange with my mum! She was looking on the tv-typing-thing… and she started laughing, laughing and laughing! Then she said that this was a cartoot about Kita!

A cartoon, Kita, a cartoon, my dear, hahahaha!

She really can’t stop laughing with this cartoot, my dogness!

And then, after all that laughing, she=my mum got me almost in shock this morning! Imagine this: she enters the room, while I’m still sleeping (this lady likes “les grasses matinées”). I open my eyes and the first thing I see is the blinking thing in mums hand! My dogness, she is filming!!! She opens the door to next room to let grandpa Lennox in but she goes on filming. Okay, she does what she wants… 🙂

 I’ll get up, breakfast will come soon, grandpa says… 😉 

And now, there is proof that the cartoot is about me, mum says. She only stopped filming to early, she missed my yawn. 😦 You only see my tongue come out when I start yawning. Well, that’s grandpa’s fault, he wanted his breakfast quickly and pushed my mum, so her finger pushed on the blinking thing… That grandpa!!! 

Have a look at cartoot and video… 🙂

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