New!… Bottle-game!

When the weather is good, the mums and dads fill empty plastic bottles with water, at home and then they bring it to the dogpark. That’s for us! The water is! Normally not the bottles… But sometimes one of my friends gets a bottle and we can play with it. I used to steal one too if I could, when I still was a baby… Now I’m a lady and I don’t steal bottles anymore! 😉

Because I forbid you… otherwise!!!

So, since I’m a lady I don’t steal them anymore, whatever mum says! But if I find one in the middle of the dogpark, I can play with it! Mum just wants me not to chew on it! So, yesterday I found one! And played with it! Mum took pics and made a little comic with them! I added the comments of course, that’s my part of the job! 😉

  1. Mum, will you put this on my story-page… I got a mail from my UK-silent-wednesday-friends!

    …Hello Kita
    Do you have any of the super dog toys that actually use recycled plastic bottles in them? We have loads and we love playing with them.
    We loved all the photos and think you put some very clever comments ion your photos and can see why you have this job. 🙂
    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie. Xxxx

    • Hello you four! Thanks for mailing me! Mum says my page does not work good today! maybe it is her tv-typing-machine that causes the troubles! Anyway, she put it here now! Thank you, for the complimets, guys! No, I don’t know that kind of toys, i’ll ask mum to ask you some details… maybe I’ll get some too! 😉 Hugs to you all, Kita

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