New friend and… new beard!

This afternoon we went to the dogpark! Nothing new of course! That’s what you think!

When we came in, I saw a new dog, with a big ball! But the new dog was on the leash?? His name is Cino, his dad was telling. Cino is two years old and he is a rescue! He is only for week with his new dad. His dad says he is still a teenager and a bit dominant, so his dad is very, very careful. Mum likes careful mums and dads. She knows everything about a new rescue dog because of our bit dominant grandpa Lennox in his younger days. 🙂

But Cino and me, we became friends in no time of course! I’m a lady and friendly! Although I say this myself! Ladies welcome new dogs, especially rescues! That’s very important to make them feel welcome and happy! Grandpa’s wisdom. But grandpa did not play today! 😦  He and dad stayed a bit away to prevent difficulties! 🙂 I played carefully, as I should! 🙂

Anyway, Cino and me we played… little bit away from my mum and his dad and far away from grandpa! But mum had the blinking box ready and she said she zoomed in! What on earth is that?

After a while, we went home! When mum put me on the leash to leave the park, she laughed and laughed and laughed. She said I had a new beard. 😦  I barked to tell her to stop laughing and to go home! So we did! At home, I still had my new ‘willow-beard’. Then I could grin with it too! 🙂

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