A parcel for mum!… Coming from very far away!

No, it’s not mum’s birthday! Grandpa says it’s not Christmas or New Year! We don’t get it! There is a parcel for mum in today’s post…

She seems very happy with it! She says it comes from the other end of the world. Grandpa grumps… world has no end he says… Anyway, the parcel comes from very far away! And who sent it? Well, it was Aerem’s mum… You remember? Sweet Aerem who went to the rainbow Bridge not long ago! So his mum sent the package! Grandpa and I, we can have a close look! 🙂

I should have known! I really should have known… She is a library-mum, my mum. So, in parcels, most of the time, well… you know! Yes, there is a book in this parcel too! Mum shows it from a little further away! 😉 I get all excited! There are friends on it, airedalefriends! Oh, beautiful dales!
Mum says she will read it soon! She says there is a very sweet and kind little text in the book, written by Aerem’s mum herself. She says: Wonderfull!!!!:-) ❤

Mum, and can I have the cardboard now to play with? I did wait patiently, didn’t I?  Aerem’s mum especially put cardboard around it for me, to play with! You understand that, don’t you?

Yes, I can! When I finished playing, mum had a lot of cleaning to do… 😉

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