What?… Good picture of the two of us???

Mum always says that we are so cute, me and my grandpa Lennox, when we are waiting for dinner! If dinner is involved, even grandpa wants to be cute and accepts a fototoot. If he smells dinner or something else to eat… well… mum says that’s because he is a labrador! 😉

So mum wants a very good picture of the two of us, grandpa being old and all that… She tried it in the dogpark, in the green grass… no way.. Okay, before dinner, she says! Hahahaha! Grandpa waited and waited for his dinner! hahahahahaha… I don’t mind, but he… hahahahaha! In the end I was very bored and he started talking about the dinner! 😉

A good picture of the two of us? You can dream about that… Reality? Mmmmm…??? Anyway, we were waiting for dinner! Pics and film of dinner are for tomorrow!!

Now the good picture of the two of us???


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