Lady in disguise?… Sand clown!

My mum likes to imagine things! Really! You know what she says? Well, mum says I’m a real clown! How does that come?

Don’t ask me! I was just having fun at the beach. Children made a castle! You understand… real ladies like castles! So on the beach, in the evening, when all humans went home… I could play in the castle! I got all excited! 😉 Mum and dead and even grandpa Lennox were watching me…

Then mum took the blinking box and I did a little excited posing for the castle-fototoot! They laughed a lot, all three of them… Mum said I was a real happy sand clown! 😦  She is wrong: I was the lady of the castle! So, we disagreed again! 😉  Though… happy I was, as a lady in my castle! 🙂

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