Sushi bar for this lady? :-) … Not fresh enough! :-(

Easter and nice weather? This spring is really great! Yes, we went to the seaside for more than one day!! Imagine the excitement! grandpa, did you hear it?!
And now I have stories to tell! Several days of work at the tv-typing-machine: it’s too much for one story… And no, this time I didn’t almost drown, I was careful! 🙂

One walk, there was a lot of wind, that’s not new at the coast, mum says! But that makes a rather rough sea. Not all fish are stong enough to stay in the water, mum says… Maybe they want to be dry, just like me? Mum laughs at me! She said to remember Moby Dick!… Indeed, he never came out off the water, so fish like to be wet, I suppose…

Anyway, mum said the beach seemed a real sushi bar this time… oh yes,I saw that! I sniffed at every fish! Mum always said: leave it! But that was not necessary! Fish weren’t good enough to eat! Fish were not fresh and a little bit smelly! So I peed on them every time to tell doggie-friends who come later not to eat them. Soon,  I had no pee left… (And, no, Sam and Ike from Wyoming, I did not roll in them, I’m a lady!)

But then!!! There was the huge thing in the middle of the huge beach. Mum did not put me on the leash so I could have a look long before her. The big thing is full of mussels, a real mussels-shop! hahahaha! Mum arrives and she is very surprised. Mussels are still fresh because she wanted to take one but it does not want to let loose. Mum says that this human thing must have been long in the sea because it became a mussel bed. Can I take one too?
My dogness, that’s not easy! That’s why she allows me to try… Gggrrrr.

PS Remark my old harness! 😦 I have to wear that because mum does not want the good one to drown again! Ggggrrrrr



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