Happy Easter to the entire Aire-world… and everyone else!

This time, my mum really understood the issue! I don’t want to be an Easter-bunny! Anyway, who wants to be a bunny, to be honest?

Me? I prefer to be an Easter-chocolate egg! Although I may not eat them… 😦
I’m sweet, I’m soft, I’m coloured (for this occasion)… I’m everything to be an easter-egg!

So for every one out there: have a nice Easter-Sunday. And for those who don’t live in this crazy egg-Easter-world: have a nice day!!! 😉



    • Thank you very much, sister! You know, I just met Jara again on the beach! You know: our doggie-aunt Jara! We ran to fetch some balls! And there were horses too! Big hug to you, dear Féline and your mum and whole the family!

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