Playtime with… labradoodle Mambo!

Weather is fine, mum is not to work… sounds good, doesn’t it? Yes, we go to the dogpark this afternoon! Who will be there? No, mum, I don’t pull on the leash, you are dreaming that. Walk a little faster, will you?!

Look, mum! There he is! I saw him as a puppy! That’s labradoodle Mambo! Let’s party! This guy is ten months old and likes to play! His big sister acts like a real mum although she is only about 11 years old. Mum, look at that: she has her leash around her waist! And Mambo has a bizar collar! What do you say? It’s a gentle leader? I know, that’s for babies pulling on the leash too much! I never had one, had I mum?
Mambo is a handsome fellow! Mum likes him too, he looks a bit like a giant schnauser and she loves them!

We played, me and Mambo, I can tell you that, we were exhausted, both of us! And mum made pics and a video of us, she promised to show them on the tv-typing-machine. She wrote down on a paper where the little mum had to go and have a look! She will show it Mambo too, mum?

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