My coat?… Very good quality! :-)

Yesterday, it was the 11th of november, mum calls it” Armistice”, but I think that my foreign friends talk about Rememberance day. Not sure tough!
Anyway, in Belgium that’s a holiday! So mum does not go to the library and dad does not work either.

And I tell you something! We went to the seaside for two days! Yihaaaaa! It’s only 150 km. 😉 Even grandpa Lennox was coming, kidney-thing or not: he is going strong again, oh yes!

The first day was a bit special! Me and mum we went to the beach! Of course! 😉 My dogness, there was a lot of wind! I think they call it storm! The sea was blustering! At first I was a bit afraid, I admit. But afterwards… ohlalala… I was enjoying this funny weather. Mum said I was acting even more crazy as the wind, she made a fototoot and a little film (without music, wind sings enough, she says). I asked her!
Why? She had a lot of trouble with her scarf and cap, even with the blinking thing! Nothing was staying in his place… hahaha! I had no problems! 😉 My coat is of much better quality then her scarf and cap! My coat doesn’t fly off and I don’t have to run after it! 😉 So I wanted to show my good quality coat!! See the pictures and the film!

Oh yes, and then we met a Welshie, again! Second one in one week! His mum said: “On dirait père et fils!” And my mum said: “On dirait plutôt mère et fils”. That made his mum and dad laugh!!! Yes, I’m a lady, not a sir!!! Anyway, they also said I am a beautiful airedale, so I forgive them their little mistake, wouldn’t you? 😉

  1. Hi Kita! We have NEVER been to a beach, so sure did enjoy seeing your romp there. The wind really was strong in the video. WowZer!! I (BRD) often get mistaken for a boy, though I am ALL girl too! Mommy tries to put girly collars on me, but still those hoomans call me “he”. Oh well. Have a great rest of the week.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog & Hootie

    • Hey BabyRocketDog and Hootie! It’s a pity you never have been to a beach! Do you live far away from the ocean? For us it’s only 150 kms (I think that is 100 miles)… and I like it very much there!
      Within a few weeks it’s grooming time and afterwards people say “she”, but now it’s alwaus “he”. little bit frustrating, no? Mum says it’s because I’m quit big for a lady! So I can be a model, no?
      Big hugs from Kita

  2. Hello Kita, you look gorgeous on the beach, i remember during summertime i was there too, but there was less wind ! My t-day is on the 18th of december and i also want to hide and run when i even think of it ! In the meantime my mum gives me the oil and the cookies from the yellow box to make my fur look better. Indeed, it all tastes delicious ! See you xxx

  3. Kita what a very busy girl you have been. We love going to the beach too. How brilliant you met another Welsh Terrier, we do hope you meet again and have playtime together. Our Mum says we are having our furs trimmed soon, can you believe it? The weather has turned chilly and we are to lose our furs.

    Molly, Taffy, Month and Winnie. xxxx

    • Maybe, I’ll meet you some day, on the beach??? 😉
      Don’t say the t-word! If I heard it well, The t-thing for me is on the 6th of december! Why on earth our mums have those ideas, it’s getting winter and chilly, even cold! You see, UK or Belgium, these mums think the same way… and all that in the name of “healthy coats!” Hugs to you all! Kita

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