City-girl goes to… the city! :-)

Yes, today is Friday! The day mum is not going to her library, the day we stay for a long time in the dogpark in the morning 🙂 , and the day I have to be combed and brushed! 😦 So far everything is as usual! I’m good in routines! 😉 – when I’m not in a stubborn day!
Euh? Harness? Leash? It’s almost noon, mum, at this time we don’t go out, you’re wrong! 

Come on, Kita, let’s go!

Okay, okay… What is this all about? Mum? What do you say? We’re going to the city for a lunch with your friend? She comes with the train? And we take the tram? Just hate waiting for the tram! But there it is! Yes, yes! Having a good look! We get in… have to explore everything, of course. Everything is safe, mum, I lay down for the fototoot! 😉

Jesus, Kita, photoshoot!

Now we are in the biggest shoppingstreet of Antwerp: the Meir. I like it there! Why? There are lots of people and many of them are looking at me and commenting on me, the airedale lady! People talk to mum and ask what kind of breed I am. Silly people! The good ones are those who come to us, smiling and say: an airedale, an airedale!
Lots of other things to see too! Luckily mum had the blinking thing! Because… we met Pablo! Pablo is a Welsh terrier of 9 months old. Never seen this guy before, but he is quit a guy! We wanted to play… stupid leashes… People surrounding us, looking very surprised: a big one and a little one of the same colours and looks! 😉
We know better, don’t we mum?

On our way home we did go in at the green-clothes-people’s place! Ohlalala! But is was only to buy special food for grandpa Lennox’s kidneys. 🙂 And me? I had to sit on the scale. Mum was pleased… scale did not show I was not eating for more then 4 days, last week! 😉

Yes, I like Fridays! You too, mum? What? Mum agrees with me??? 😉 Mum says I become a good and well behaving city-girl!
City-girl? 😦 City-lady, you mean!! 😉 Now I’m ready for a very long nap! 🙂

  1. Hi Kita!

    This was an especially funny entry! “Jesus, Kita, Photoshoot” had us LOLLLING.

    I also love the Meir! When we visit, let’s have a nice coffee and pop in at Labels Inc. That’s my favorite shop! What’s yours? The dogpark doesn’t count, little lady.

    Glad you’ve got your energy back up. Tell your mom to give you a banana. Give a kiss to Lennox for us!


    • Hello misses Kristin! So you agree with me that fototoot is better then photoshoot? 😉
      Mum says that Labels Inc is not on the Meir and mum says it’s closed on Fridays! It’s a little walk to go there… my favourite shop? Where they sell doggietreats and doggietoys of course! Not on the Meir… 😦 But the coffee is a very good idea, then mum gives me a treat to lay next to her and be a good girl! 😉 Hugs to both of you!

    • Yes, Pablo was very funny! We wanted to play but we couldn’t :-(, we were on the leash, in the middle of the big street.
      The tram is always noisy, but I don’t mind. Mum took me there already when I was only 8 weeks old… Hey, guys, on the seat, in the tram??? Hope that mum does not read this! I wouldn’t even dare to think about it, me being on a seat in the tram… mum would be furious! We stay near the doors, then I can see everything passing by, you can see it on the pictures!
      Do you guys go by tram sometimes? And may you sit on the seats!
      Nice weekend to you all! Hugs, Kita

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