Birds???… Oh, birds everywhere!

Told you already about the wind at the seaside, last weekend! Next day, there was less wind but…

In the morning, mum and me were going to the beach. It is still the period of the year I can run free, so when we were in the area for ‘dogs of the leash’, I barked and mum understood! She putted me off the leash! Yihaa!

I ran immediatly to the water but then I had to stop and have a good look first! – Mum did laugh about it! – Oh, what’s that?  Birds! Very many birds! My dogness! I look at mum: can I go there? I run a bit and look at her again… She is not yelling NO, so I run again! When I approach, the birds fly away, but not far. I run again, they fly again… Look at mum, no reaction! Okay, I can play with these birds! This is a fun game!! 😉 Of course there was the blinking thing, filming and fototooting! 🙂

In the afternoon, we went back to the sea. I told grandpa Lennox about the birds and he wanted to come too! Big disappointment! No birds anymore! :- (I was glad mum made the pics or grandpa would not have believed me! 😉

Hey, silent wednesday-gang in the UK: you like the beach too, this film is especially for you and your mum! 😉

  1. Hi Kita,

    We’re so happy to see that Grandpa was feeling up for an adventure!

    You, my dear, look beautiful in your short film. The opening sequence is rather cinematic, if I do say so. Many compliments to your mum? Do you always smile so big when you run to her?

    Stay sweet!
    XOXO from Berlin
    K & I

    • Hey Kristin and Ian! yes, grandpa is going strong again! Mum says we have to keep our paws crossed!

      Thanks for the compliments… Mum says it was a lucky shot! 🙂
      And yes, I always smile when I run to my mum!! The other mums in the dogpark are often jealous! When mum calls me I run very very fast, and I keep smiling! Mum loves it, she says that very often!… 🙂 You know, most of the times I get a little treat too! 😉

      Big hugs to you both, far away in Berlin!

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