Run free, Sir Darwin… see you, … one day!

Something is wrong, something is very wrong… When mum is at the tv-typing-machine and she says: oooh nooooo! And then again: oh no, oh no, oh no… Well, at that moment I know something is really very wrong! She said so when she read that my big friend Grobber went away for never returning to our dogpark. And she acted the same way when Gracie’s big sister Sadie went to the Rainbow Bridge! Waf, woof, waaaaffff.

What does she say? She’s talking about a kidney-thing? But Lennox is fine for the moment. What’s going on?
What do I hear? Sir Darwin? Sir Darwin???!!! What does she say? Sir Darwin is now at the Rainbow Bridge too? Waaaaaaf, waaaf, ggggrrrrr! Oh noooooo! Sir Darwin with the beautiful ears! He is now with Grobber and Sadie?

How very, very sad for his mum and dad! But mum, will you tell his mum and dad that it is fine at the Bridge? Grandpa Lennox did explain it to me some time ago! And they can remember his beautiful ears and all the other nice things!

Mum, and tell them too that his friends can’t stop eating because they are sad, as I did last week when grandpa was very ill. That’s not good! Tell them this too: in honor of and as a tribute to airedale-sir Darwin, I ate all my dinner! For the first time in a week.

Run free, sir Darwin with the beautiful ears… see you… one day! And please, say hello to Grobber and Sadie for me?

Sir Darwin

Sir Darwin with the beautiful ears

  1. We are very sad too Kita. We hate seeing our friends leave us but we have to remember they are looking down on us from the Rainbow Bridge. They are all healthy and happy there having a great time together.

    We hope you have a good weekend and please could you give your Mum a hug from each of us.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie.

    • Hello to you, Molly, taffy, Monty and Winnie! First of all: my mum was very happy with the hugs from each of you! She says you are very gentle and kind doggies! Mum says I have nice friends. That’s what I tell her all the time!!! Yes, it is sad, but my grandpa Lennox says it too that it’s fine at the Bridge and when he goes there, maybe soon, he’ll say hello to all our friends there and he too, will keep an eye on us! But for the moment, he’s alive and kicking again! 🙂 Hugs to you all, from me and my mum and a special hug to your mum too! Kita

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