My beach-hole!… Fini les vacances!

Remember? When it was very hot in july, mum and dad took us to the seaside to cool down! Last sunday we went again! Not to cool down, no, because it’s the end of the holidays we want to “celebrate” with a fun day!

And it was fun!! Since mum knows I know exactly where I can do which naughty things (she finally noticed I’m smart!)… well, it was fun! Little explanation: at holidaymum’s place I surf on the counter, I jump on the couch, I go in the bedroom… But I don’t do all these things at home.

So, I may not dig in the dogpark, not allowed… and when the other dogs don’t dig, I don’t dig… When the others do, on the contrary, well I … mum yells!!!!

So mum decided that I could dig on the beach! Yihaaaaaa!!!! And I did, leash or no leash! 😉 I surely forgot the annoying thing! And mum? She waited patiently and filmed… 😉 Nice pics too!
Afterwards, in the car… well, I slept the whole way back! 🙂

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