Ohoh… Caught in the act… again!

Yesterday! Evening and dogparktime! Yes! Lots of friends… lots of mums and dads too, of course.

I did my poo and mum was taking that little green bag and was cleaning up! Great I don’t have to do that myself! 😉 And then she brings the green bag to the dustbin near the gate, so for a few moments she does not watch me! I know that! 😉

Aha! I have enough time to try out the new benches near the new table! Look at me! I’m a real lady, sitting at the table, no? 🙂

But some mum or dad was very naughty, they called my mum who was hurrying my way, making pictures! And, my goodness, I don’t think I’ll try the benches again… she was angry! I had to come off (of course), had to sit and… my mum did put me on the leash! Home we went! Now, I tell you… I got the message! I even did not remark (= bark) that I was not the only one, I know that is a poor argument and mum won’t take that! 😦

This evening, I went to the table, seeing the mums and dads to get a treat, but I stayed on the ground. 😉 Mum didn’t even said I was a good girl, she just watched! 😦  ohohoh… I know her… I’m still on the table-bench-list… 😉

To be continued, Kita, to be continued!!!!

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