A bad-mannered-airedale-lady?… Me???

The dogpark! I like it very much, you already know that! Have lots and lots of friends there to play with! We have fun there! That’s what a dogpark is for!

Well, listen! When the humans put something new in the DOGpark, a dog would think it’s for the dogs, no? Wrong! The humans dit put benches and a table! Yihaaa! I like climbing, that’s for sure! So does Sammy, the white golden retriever! …

Sammy jumped on the bench and then on the table! So did I! Nice! The humans did install funny things for us, dogs! At least, that is what we, dogs, were thinking!

Thinking was wrong! We are not allowed on the benches and the table! My mum says I’m very bad mannered. Well, I’m not the only one. Mum says that’s a poor argument, … no table-jumping! 😦 No bad manners for Kita, she says! And Kita, that’s me! 🙂

Luckily she has no picture from me on top of the table! Not caught in the act by the blinking box… although… 😉


    • Euh, euh ja, maar gelukkig maar met twee poten op tafel! vlak ervoor was ik langs de bank geklauterd en stond ik boven op tafel!!! 😉 🙂 hahaha, toen was er nog geen blinkend doosje! Groetjes van Kita! Ook aan Django!

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