To the vet’s?… Oh no!

What does she say, my mum? We go to the vet’s? To the hospital? Mum, really, I’m alright! I don’t need to go there, really! Just listen to me! Wafwafwoof!

Oh, she is stubborn, my mum! We are on the way to the vet’s. We take the tram and we go on foot. Don’t like this at all. Maybe it helps if I’m a very good girl. I sit, waiting for the tram. I make no noise, really no noise on the tram (sometimes I whine a little bit if people pay no special attention to me 😉  ). Nothing helps! We enter the vet’s hospital!

Euh? What does she say to the woman at the reception? Lennox?? Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark: she brought me, Kita, not my grandpa Lennox! I bark! Oohoh! That was not good! 😦

Again? Lennox? Oh, my goodness: my grandpa Lennox needs new bottles of his kidney-medication and I have to go to the vet’s? Who understands this???

Bet I have to sit on the scale, to see my weight within a few seconds!

Kita, come on, I want to know your weight! On the scale!

What did I say? I’m a lady so I do as I’m told! Mum is very pleased: weight is allright: 22,500 kg. (For my overseas friends: 49 pounds=lbs) What do I say? Weight is perfect! Just as it should be! The dad of my mum Funnygirl will be proud if I tell him that! And the vet too will be satisfied. I’m spayed 2 years ago, whatever that is, and I have to do lots of sports and running to keep a healthy weight. Diet still not necessary! I’m one of a proud lady and so is my mum!

You see it, mum? I'm allright and my weight too! ;-)

You see it, mum? I’m allright and my weight too! 😉

Park-summer-party… yeeeh, cuddling time!

How come this? Grandpa Lennox is not coming with us? He goes with dad somewhere else! To much noise? To many people? Where on earth are we going, mum?

We are heading for the park, not the dog park! The human park. Dogs are allowed there, but on the leash! I don’t understand why humans are not on the leash in the dogpark, me! We would have more fun, more mischiefs to achieve! hahaha! 🙂

Anyway, we go to the park, its only about 50 meters from home! Another bizar thing: dogpark is 250 meters, human park is only 50 meters from home! 😉 I’m not complaining though, really not. We live in a city, so a park and a dogpark nearby, that’s very nice!!

My goodness! So many people, and so many chairs, and so many tables, and really, so much noise. They call it music!

Hey look! Somebody is calling my mum! That mum knows my mum from the library where my mum is the librarymum! Bit complicated, no? Anyway, they are surprised and glad to see each other! And that mum has two human boy-pups! Seems they like me. They ask very polite if they may cuddle me! I’m wagging my tail: yes, yes! Mum, please, say yes!!!

Oh, yes, cuddling-time! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Enjoying life… a wise lesson, grandpa Lennox, yes!

It was a very hot day today! More than 35°C! Tonigt temperature was a little bit better and we went to the dogpark!

Grandpa Lennox says a dog should enjoy life here and now! That’s mindfull, he says! That’s wise, very wise! My grandpa is old and wise! 14 years and 2 months! And he knows! He’s the oldest dog at the dogpark and he is the big boss! We listen to him, surely when he barks!

So, tonight, we enjoyed life and had a great time at the park, we stayed for more than 2 hours! My mum made many, many pics… just an impression! So, you too can follow the advice of my grandpa: enjoy it, here and now! 🙂



Me, afraid of horses?… No way!!!

Come on, mum, have a look over there… I have to pull a bit on the leash: my mum does not follow immediatly! She is stubborn: I have to go where she goes and not the other way around!

This time I get her attention! She stops and she is wondering! I can see it at her face! Mum, look there! A very very very big dog! Let’s have a look! I want to play!

Kita, that’s a horse! I thought you are afraid of horses??????

Ha, we approach! I sniff… that’s not a dog… I keep a little distance! I bark! maybe, the beast will answer?? I bark again… no reaction… Okay mum, it’s not interesting at all! Mistake… let’s move on! 😉

Hahaha, Kita! Still no “like” for horses? 😉