To the vet’s?… Oh no!

What does she say, my mum? We go to the vet’s? To the hospital? Mum, really, I’m alright! I don’t need to go there, really! Just listen to me! Wafwafwoof!

Oh, she is stubborn, my mum! We are on the way to the vet’s. We take the tram and we go on foot. Don’t like this at all. Maybe it helps if I’m a very good girl. I sit, waiting for the tram. I make no noise, really no noise on the tram (sometimes I whine a little bit if people pay no special attention to me 😉  ). Nothing helps! We enter the vet’s hospital!

Euh? What does she say to the woman at the reception? Lennox?? Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark: she brought me, Kita, not my grandpa Lennox! I bark! Oohoh! That was not good! 😦

Again? Lennox? Oh, my goodness: my grandpa Lennox needs new bottles of his kidney-medication and I have to go to the vet’s? Who understands this???

Bet I have to sit on the scale, to see my weight within a few seconds!

Kita, come on, I want to know your weight! On the scale!

What did I say? I’m a lady so I do as I’m told! Mum is very pleased: weight is allright: 22,500 kg. (For my overseas friends: 49 pounds=lbs) What do I say? Weight is perfect! Just as it should be! The dad of my mum Funnygirl will be proud if I tell him that! And the vet too will be satisfied. I’m spayed 2 years ago, whatever that is, and I have to do lots of sports and running to keep a healthy weight. Diet still not necessary! I’m one of a proud lady and so is my mum!

You see it, mum? I'm allright and my weight too! ;-)

You see it, mum? I’m allright and my weight too! 😉

    • Hello Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie! Thank you! 🙂 Me is happy too! 🙂 A little question: my mum and me, we like your blog and we have put the link on our blog. Is that allright with you, guys?
      For you too: nice week and weekend!! Hugs, Kita. xxx

  1. Hello Kristin and Ian! I’m so glad you love my blog, the stories of my every-day-life! I love my life too! 🙂 Since I am on Facebook with my mum, my mum learned a lot more English, she says… 😉 But still some funny things she only can say in Dutch and that’s a pity! So, I’m glad you understand my stories!
    Is there an airedale-lady or airedale-sir in your house too? I have a grandpa lennox, a black labrador of 14 years old!
    Well, I send lots of hugs for everyone, anyway! Nice to meet you!
    PS Are there trams in Michigan?

    • Hi Kita! We do not currently have any Airedale family members or a Grandpa Lennox, but we hope to change that soon.

      There are no trams in Michigan, just a lot of cars. However, we are moving to Berlin soon, where we will surely see lots of great Airedales and other pups traveling from place to place.

      • That’s a pity for you, no dales at home. And I do not want to borrow my grandpa Lennox, he’s too old! And me, I stay with my mum, I think. I only go sometimes to holidaymum, because she has lots of treats and other dogs to play with. And she stays with us all night!!!!! 😉
        My mum says that Berlin is in Europe too, but not in Belgium. 😦 Mum says that if you spend time in Brussels or Antwerp, we come to say hello if you want to and if you say it in time. 😉
        Maybe we’ll meet. We met here too… 😉

        • Oh Kita, you’re such a good pen pal! We’d love a dale-sir, and we would name him Fozzy. But we will be moving around too much in the next few years. We will have to wait a while.

          Kristin loves Antwerp. The fashion designers and pups there are the best…not to mention the french fries… We have a good friend from the city, and we will for sure be visiting within the next year. We should arrange a picnic with you, your mum, and Grandpa Lennox.

          All the best to you!
          Kristin and Ian

        • Hallo Kristin and Ian! Waaauw, a sir! And quit a name too! My doggie grandpa is a dale-sir (of course), his name is Desmond. But when I go there for grooming, he looks to me like a big bear… he is so big!!!! Mum says that Fozzy is the name of a very famous bear, something with mups and pets or so! So I calculate that Fozzy is a supername for a dale-sir! It’s a pity that it will take few years before he comes! 😦
          By the way my mum says that she is going to write you too… when I’m done at the computer of course! Ladies first! 😉
          Big Belgian hugs to you! And nice and safe travelling!

  2. Kita,

    We love your blog and were glad to hear you’re in perfect health! I’m glad you’ve learned such patience! Also, if you were on the same tram as us, we’d give you a lot of attention. No whining necessary.


    From your friends in Michigan,
    Kristin and Ian

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